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PROJECTS from the IDEA ... to MANUFACTURING - Espiracle S.L.

Espiracle S.L. is a company with long experience in the design, development and manufacturing of products and components in the plastic sector. The integral management of all processes allows us to offer a turnkey service adapted to the needs of our customers.

In Espiracle S.L. we know that the success of our customers is based on the added value that their products bring to the market. We make our customers' objectves our own and by working together we offer a value added service "from idea to manufacturing".

Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development - Espiracle S.L.

Based on your specific requirements we design a product that fully meets your needs.
- Conceptual design
- Style Design
- Product engineering
- Study of Cost Reduction (C/D and V/A activities)

Injection Moulding

Injection Moulding - Espiracle S.L.
We have all the necessary equipment for the technical plastic injection moulding.
Our experience in plastic injection moulding guarantees the optimization of the transformation parameters and good results.
We have experience in the most demanding sectors: automotive, transportation, packaging, electronics, construction, etc.

Tool Manufacturing

Tool Manufacturing - Espiracle S.L.

We manage and supervise the manufacture of molds.
We can manufacture prototype molds for both small series and large series.
We have expertise in the main sectors.

Checking Gages

Checking Gages - Espiracle S.L.

We design and manufacture Checking Gages for automotive components of the main global manufacturers: Ford, Seat, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Volvo, etc.
We satisfy the specifications of each OEM.

Espiracle S.L.

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